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Payment Gateway’s is completely redefining digital strategy and user experience as a whole.

Digital has become the most important thing today, even the companies which were avoiding digital by saying its not going to make any difference to their business are seriously considering digital as the biggest business threat after China.

If you ask us, Define Digital in 3 Words? We would say, “Smart” and “Disruptive” and “Intelligent”.

Digital has the changed the way we think, imagine and most importantly our future. Digital today is a multi billion dollar industry it has created disruption which caught many of the Indian industries napping since it wasn’t a priority for many of them till a few months ago. They were used to do business in the old fashioned manner, where the elders in the business used to think that digital is for the new generation. Unfortunately for them old school business tricks no longer works.

This has lead to a lot instability everywhere in each and every vertical and non linear growth in their core sectors where some would stand to loose all that they have if they don’t adopted quickly and correctly.

If you ask any company or a person with some decision maker power. What are you plans for next financial year? What approach would you adapt? What’s your focus point?

Chances are that 8 out of 10 times, they would say we are going big on digital, we would soon have a plan to go big on mobile, analytics, cloud and social.

Every company we know which were not digital or were digital partially have become fully digital. They are offering convenience where their customers are able to keep a tab on all the activities on their smartphones or on the web.